My current research is centred on the visual aspects of the protest movement in Hong Kong that reignited May/June 2019 and that saw a severe set back with the introduction of the new national security legislation June 2020. The explicit use of the image as part of the protest movement in Hong Kong, has (once again) shown us just how central the image is to the formation of political imaginaries- thus making it all the more important to analyse these images along with what happens when the conditions to produce these images are severely constrained. The project is supported by the Carlsberg Foundation and titled: "Vanishing Points: Changing Images of Protest in Hong Kong." For more information on the project see the Carlsberg Foundation website.

My previous research has focused on visual culture and socially engaged art practices in contemporary China and Hong Kong. I have probed into how to create lasting social change through art and culture projects in China. More specifically, I have researched placemaking and architectural projects in the Chinese countryside and independent community houses in the suburbs of China's metropolises. Read more about my research on socially engaged art in rural China in my new book The Bishan Commune and the Practice of Socially Engaged Art in Rural China (Palgrave Macmillan, 2020).

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Mai Corlin Frederiksen
Carlsberg Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow
University of Copenhagen
Email: lbx632@hum.ku.dk
Telephone: 93 92 80 28

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