fredag den 3. oktober 2014

Bevægeligt Akkurat/Movable Accurate/可动恰恰 CHINA TOUR!

可动恰恰是一个游戏,广泛的艺术作品在此游戏中不断产生及再创。每场游戏中,使用循环移位的独特游戏方式 将游戏一场场轮番进行。玩家将被聚集在有多间房屋的空间内,游戏由二至十一名参与者围坐在一个可以自动旋转的桌前进行轻度混乱的官僚艺术游戏。我们回头见,玩家!

恰恰由音集体YOYOOYOY (Anders Lauge Meldgaard, Toke Tietze Mortensen, Andreas Führer Johannes Lund), 艺术Claus HaxholmRasmus Graff创制


Movable Accurate is a system that generates a wide range of artistic works that again creates a new template for other works. It is a circular mutation system. Its nice to play in rooms with other rooms and you should be between 2 to 11 people to play this mildly confusing bureaucratic art-art-art game! See you out there gamers!

Movable Accurate is created by the music collective YOYOOYOY (Anders Lauge Meldgaard, Toke Tiezte Mortensen, Andreas Führer, Johannes Lund), the artist Claus Haxholm and the poet Rasmus Graff.

Movable Accurate’s trip to China is funded by The Danish Cultural Institute in China and The Danish Cultural Season 2014-2015.

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