mandag den 12. december 2011

Jonathan Bach "Shenzhen: City of Suspended Possibilities"

Jonathan Bach has written a very interesting article on Shenzhen and home and myth. See Mary Ann O'Donnell's blog for a link to the article. Bach writes of the home as both an end and a beginning and of Shenzhen as an "urban desiring machine" (p. 415).

"[...] we encounter the mythology of success and failure, the intertwining of home as an end and home as the beginning, and the manipulation of space to allow residents to control their own subjectivity. Shenzhen appears as a city in suspense where everyone is always awaiting the next installment. It is a city of suspended disbelief, filled with migrants’ tacit expectations of the city’s fulfillment of their dreams, even when they can only be fulfilled vicariously. It is a city that relies for its desiring energy on a discursive dynamic that Barthes called ‘proairetic’: an ongoing story with no clear sense of an ending, where the suspense of what happens next keeps everyone going." (p. 419).

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